Web Development

Web Development
Crafting responsive sites, web applications and management systems from the inside out. You name it, we do it.
  • Data-driven solutions
  • Social communities
  • Mobile applications
  • Workflow systems
  • Content management (CMS)
  • Asset management
  • eCommerce


Helping you choose the right plan and technologies with clear communication, sound analysis and a focus on ROI.
  • Short, mid and long-range planning
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Technology assessment and review
  • User and administrator training
  • Change management
  • Needs and resource assessment
  • Process modeling and improvement


We partner with one of North America’s leading data centre providers to offer flexible and secure hosting.
  • Mission-critical application hosting
  • World-class bandwidth
  • Full redundancy
  • Solution-specific environments
  • Peace of mind security
  • Latest firewall technologies
  • Flexibility and configuration

Our Products


Operations management for oil & gas

Get your Data on Track

Oplii unifies your data in an easy to use, lightweight (yet powerful) SaaS platform designed for junior and intermediate exploration and production companies.

It organizes data efficiently — so it’s where you need it, when you need it — while streamlining inspection and reporting processes to help you stay compliant. It takes the best tools from enterprise resource planning, safety, project and asset management systems and combines them into a site-centric software suite.

Modular Architecture

Oplii’s modules manage different classes of information, but all work together within a supportive data structure. Ask yourself, what exactly do you need to manage?

There are four core modules — Sites, Equipment, Structures and Pipeline — one user administration module, and four peripheral modules, which can be added à-la-carte to suit your needs. The peripheral modules allow you to manage inspections, work orders, incidents, projects, AFEs and more.

Integrated Field Mobility

With Oplii’s mobile app, staff working in the field can transmit inspection results, photographs and work orders directly into the database using a mobile device.

Project managers and supervisors can log daily activity and expense reports as a project progresses, giving you real-time budget oversight and eliminating arduous tasks like scanning, faxing, emailing and data entry.


Survey and panel management

Get the Whole Picture

Lighthouse Insight is a customizable research tool that enables companies to conduct online surveys, analyze results, and make meaningful decisions about their business.

Its enterprise functionality goes beyond standard online survey functionality, allowing the designer to select desired respondents from saved panelist profiles, imported contact lists or anonymously, via the internet.

Measurable Engagement

Cultivating panelist data gives you a rich view of your respondent base and enables you to evaluate trends, identify opportunities and anticipate issues.

Analyze survey responses at a single moment or, for advanced insight, measure responses over time. Learn about your panelists, then target your survey to specific demographic characteristics by creating user-managed profiles.

Intuitive Survey Creation

Our intuitive graphical design interface makes it easy to translate complex survey design into a simple easy-to-use format.

Conduct sophisticated research, no matter the size of your organization, in a fraction of the time and at a significantly reduced cost. Plus, you can customize every aspect of your respondent’s survey experience and ensure they are asked only relevant questions to increase loyalty and retention.

Validation and Reporting

Validate your survey using our data cleanse and authentication tools to ensure your survey is free of errors.

Once your results are in, you can review your response data quickly with one-touch reporting, or export your data for comprehensive analysis to a statistics software program. With our robust reporting capabilities you can quickly and easily access the level of detailed reporting required.

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